Sex and the Seven

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Those days are over's been like six months since we last posted so I decided to try to get the ball rolling again. So much has happened in these months, and so much transition. I'll just leave it at that and everyone else can fill in details later if they like. This post is about "Those days are over"...dedicated to all the men who think that they can do whatever craziness they want to do and we will still be there to take them back. SIKE! I'm here to tell you..."No boo, it doesn't work like that" because someone hotter, taller, and more successful will swoop right in and take me away. The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is common among men who are suffering from too much comfort in a relationship. For those of us who are domestic and believe in some gender roles (don't get carried away because clearly all of us grind every day for our careers) this syndrome comes as a special shock, even though we've seen it before. Everything is good, he's wining and dining go out and he pays for everything, he takes you to all his family functions. He wants you with him all the time, even when he's with his friends, it's like "Yo, that's my girl, I gotta go!." Similarly, you are cooking his favorite meals, picking up his favorite [insert food/drink] when you go grocery shopping, helping him out at his place because Lord knows he needs a woman's touch, and catering to his crazy ass family. Then BAM he's not trying to make as much time for you and its out with his boys regularly again. All of a sudden his "friends" take priority and he fits you in where you get in. So at first you deal with it, I mean it's only be a couple of weeks of this. But by about week 4 he's crossed the line, and you are pretty much fed up. And unfortunately for him, this leads to "SWITCH. Erase, replace, embrace new face!" So men, be warned...if you change up the game, it's cool...but please believe that you messed up your world for yourself...because we are too fly, too successful, and too beautiful to put up with that mess.