Sex and the Seven

Thursday, November 03, 2005

2005's Slow Goodbye

My Beautiful Black Women-

2006 is upon us. 2005 escapes from us like fresh memories of junior high. And while my bills have piled all year long, my weight has fluctuated, my dreams have changed form: one thing has remained the same: God's patience with my inconsistent life.

I find myself in the club one night, throwing back my fourth vodka tonic, the next night crying in bed and asking God what my purpose is. I've run to men, money, and even a nice pair of shoes for a sense of relief, and all along, God watched me from above, waiting for me to fall again and come back home.

God has also given me something else this year: and that is good health and friends such as you all that have never faltered. We may never see each other like we used to or talk every second, but what is inside cannot be broken, and you are all apart of me.

As 2006 makes its way around this corner, I cannot help but think about our lying president, earthquakes and hurricanes that have shown no mercy, and who knows what else is to come. And I know this for sure now: you're career doesn't matter in the end, and neither does your money. Living in the light does, and I pray that we all continue to shine, and continue to dream bigger than the parameters this crazy world places on us with each new year...


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