Sex and the Seven

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Live it Up

"You know we been struggling for such a long time...Working here and there just to get by...Its finally time for me to get mine...No we don't have to struggle at all...Every day is feeling like Friday...I'm getting paid and doing it my way...Live it up...We're flying high don't wanna come down..Live it up...We're finally on our way...It's time to celebrate." ~John Legend

These simple words bring tears to my eyes every time I hear them sung so sweetly to JL's smooth beat. If you have never struggled he will make you feel his struggle and if you have it will take everything in you to push back the memories of sleeping on a single mattress in an unfurnished apartment wondering when the lights will get turned back on. But like the song alludes, that is in the past and every tomorrow brings possibilities of a brighter sun and a clearer moon. Those of you who know me are probably, "What does she know about any of that?" and rightfully so. I generally don't dwell on the past, and avoid being deemed a rags to riches statistic at all costs, but for some reason sitting here listening to JL croon this emotional ballad I felt compelled to drop this. I challenge all of my wonderful, bright, sophisticated and incredibly blessed sisters to take a look at our lives and give thanks. For all of our flaws, dramas and issues, we really live lives that 99.9% of people on this planet would kill for. While that trip to Figi is still just a little out of reach, we will be touching it and claiming it in due time. Meanwhile, we'll keep kickin' it in PR, Miami, ATL, NY, LA and Mexico to name a few. Holla.