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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What about your friends...part two

As I reflect on the current events stemming from the immediate past to to the ever present future, I opened the blog site today to express my thoughts on the meaning of friends, with the title you see above. It is wild, but never suprising, to witness the inexplicable connection between those to whom you are truly close to, and those to whom you would never feel disconnected. The same blog, same title, same theme, coincidence? I think not. As I digress on my spin of the meaning of true friends, I have come to wonder what causes the irreconcilable differences between two people? What makes one person so deeply selfish and resentful of another who is simply trying to be their friend? What makes one person so blind to the faults of their own, that prevents them from getting close to anyone else? At what point is one supposed to recognize the distinction and the lack of capability in another person to be true and simple, lacking complexity, withdrawn words, and hurt feelings? And why do those other people, the ones who have proven their dissociative behavior, still haunt me? Why do they haunt my thoughts, and cause to me question my own character? Why do I allow these people, these less than friends, make me feel as less of one myself? And then I remember. Genuineness is inexpensive, it does not demand the price of likeness, instead it respects the differences and clearly regards the inner person for the being that they are. Genuineness is all of you. Thank you.


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