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Friday, March 18, 2005

Love Me and Leave Me...

I was raised to understand and appreciate the simple things, to see the power in a loving gesture, and to enjoy someone's company and the happiness that love brings. I choose picnics over Prada, would rather give than receive, and somehow think it's feasible to be patient, irrespective of whether someone is patient with me.

Is it unreasonable to expect respect when mutualistic relationships only warrant reciprocity and to be upset when I buy him things and he forgets to thank me? Should I cry when my gestures of love go unbeknownst to my love and when he accuses me of not loving enough should I take return the accusations, argue, yell and shove? My mother always tells me to take everything to God in prayer. She says that he will calm my fears and teach me how to trust. So I pray that he gives me patience to wait and make me resistant to lust.
Men love us and leave us and never think twice about the way we compromise ourselves and are willing to sacrifice. They always think of themselves and rarely of us. But when the lights are dim, they come, saying "Baby, this is more than a crush." So continue to appreciate the simple things in life and you will prevail. Cause dealing with these fools, will sure enough land you in jail....

To my sisters that have loved and lost, be strong because a better man is sure to come along. I love y'all and will keep you in my heart and prayers... L.Y.G.


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